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Princess Fortier is a singer, actress, model and Co-Founder of a tech start-up called MUSE Collective. MUSE is a finance-based platform with almost 400 abundance-minded and wealth-building subscribers. We at MUSE believe that proximity is power, and we look forward to building both relationships and financial wellness with you. Join us!


This dynamic and multi-talented individual is no less than a Millennium woman. She is a singer/songwriter, scientist, linguist, actress, model, and philanthropist who is dedicated to using her talent and knowledge to heal the world.


This beauty’s creole roots inspired her to teach herself the French l language, and her fascination with the brain led to her earning degrees in Neuroscience and French from UCLA.  Her passion for music and curiosity about the brain have led to a happy marriage of binaural beats, sonically induced altered states, and musical healing.  Princess supports experimental treatments to heal disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Autism.


Princess is an amazing singer, infectious and captivating performer, and an inspiring and prolific songwriter. Her knowledge of neuroscience and music prowess puts her in the perfect position to be the powerhouse entertainer that she was always meant to be. Thanks to some direction from special key figures in her life, the world now has access to a moving, touching and inspiring force.


As a philanthropist and entrepreneur Princess has a commitment to the Mental and Physical Healing arts through neuroscience and music.


The sky is not the limit for this young artist; it is only the beginning.  Keep watching this rising star, Princess Fortier.


“I envision a world where not just a few, but everyone gets to be their highest selves.  I am here to be that change so that others may see that possibility for themselves. “


About Princess

Princess Fortier

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