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"I have a clear end goal of service in mind using the impending success of my career as an international pop artist. It is realistic and within reach that in our lifetime we will see the end of world hunger. I want to be instrumental in facilitating that by partnering with existing world hunger organizations to create sustainable hunger solutions using tech, strategic partnerships, intelligently applied funding, and my likeness, music and influence to create results. "My commitment is to give $1 billion away so that I can feed everyone in the world who is hungry for a year. To meet this goal I will be partnering with various charitible organizations and putting on major charity concerts. my belief is that if people have their basic needs met (i.e. food, water and shelter), they can be free to fully express themselves, and become their highest selves. Join me in eradicating world hunger, and creating a better world one individual and one need at a time. I want everyone to think, 'what I can do today to be my brother's keeper?'"




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